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Maximizing Returns: Finance, Legacy & Lifestyle

We partner with owners of SaaS, MarTech/AdTech, agencies, eCommerce and other digital native brands who:

  • ~$2M-$15M EBITDA ($2M+ ARR for SAAS)

  • Desire for exit or other liquidity event in next 1-5 years

What we offer:

  • Assessment of business strengths and weaknesses and what must be achieved to maximize valuation.

  • Advisory and/or hands-on assistance in profitably growing the business, reducing risks (especially as seen by prospective investors) and shaping the business to achieve the type of exit that ownership is looking for.

  • Broad network of strategic partners as well as potential merger & acquisition candidates

  • Ability to interface with broad array of prospective buyers and investors including private equity and debt firms, family offices and high net worth individuals, strategic buyers, as well as larger groups of individual accredited investors and even your own employees, whether through ESOP or other mechanism.

Why partner with SITG?

While there are many experienced business brokers and investment bankers who can help you take your business to market, if the business does not already conform to what your prospective buyers want and are comfortable investing in, you will not get the type of exit that you are looking for. Furthermore, the range of exit and liquidity options that most intermediaries will present to you is inherently limited by their fee structure and status as an outsider rather than a business partner.

When you partner with SITG, we help you to implement a plan to shape your business based on your ideal exit or near term liquidity event before going to market, which greatly increases the odds of success. We can also help you explore a broader array of exit options depending on your ideal timing, desire to keep working in the business (or not) and preferences about what happens to the business after you are no longer in control, or whether you want to maintain control after your liquidity event.


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